Monday, December 23, 2013

Birthday Fantasy

Hello to everybody and happy Wednesday! (๑​╹◡╹๑)

After several months of crazy Nursing board exam studies in which I had not so much time to dedicate to my personal works, I've finally finished the first painting of 2013: "Birthday Fantasy ".
Last two weeks ago, my friend turned 21. Or rather, had his 21st New Year. I didn't had a chance to greet him because I promised myself to have a gift together with my greeting. Anyways, it's for my great friend Patipat from Thailand. I'm pretty sure he's reading this post by now. So.. 

Hey Patipat!, (*laughs)

I wish you the Happiest Birthday and year full of Joy. (a bit late on congrats but….:) ) Every year we're getting closer to who we're gonna be. You're such a blessing in this world. May God bless you and May all your dreams come true! Don't ever close the wonder of a child upon your eyes and the beautiful paintings that you make.

Asuka, you've motivated me for months now and I feel like I haven't given much to you in return.

But from now on, I will do better on art. Thanks for believing in me. It means a lot.

Your window on the world paints pictures and colours emotions that inspires us all to seek our passion.

I truly want to come to one of your party and sing for you.

It's a very special day!

Here’s to another 365 days of amazing adventures!

'Happy Birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday... Asuka!' (*≧▽≦)ノ ~♪

Your fellow artist, traveler, dreamer, and friend,

                                                                     rough sketch



PS- Take a little visit to his art at

The title of this blog is actually inspired from his book "Everyday Fantasy". ;) 

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