Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jakey Bear

Hi Guys! Just want to show you my process on creating one of my logo designs.

One day Brian contacted me and asked me to design a logo for his dog’s website . (

The journey began with studying Jakey Bear’s activities. I enjoyed watching several of  his dog’s video footage for a lot of this. Once I felt I had a good grasp on their traits I started the sketching process. I filled several pages with various ideas.

    sample of several sketches I created 

         The final sketch in a superman attire:

         I draw it on Photoshop.


The light yellow, red and white colour scheme was also chosen for its energetic and cuteness nature and this can be applied across all of his marketing material such as his website, business card and so fourth. 

I'm happy with the result:

Great! You've been very professional, and fast too! you should do more. You're very talented. And when I say that, I speak from experience. I've worked with many graphic designers over the years.

It's rewarding and definitely time to celebrate!! :)

Cons Hime


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